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Century Blends, LLC


About Century Blends

Century Blends, LLC offers dry mix ingredient blends for the retail, wholesale, and food service industries.  

The company was founded in New York City in 1912 as the T.H. Angermeier Company, an innovative manufacturer of dry bakery mixes. In 1959 the company formed a new division which pioneered the development and production of dehydrated food products under the SUN-RIPE brand.  Angermeier became part of W&G Flavors in 1990 and moved to Baltimore, MD where the company grew to a full line producer of dry mixes for bakery and beverage applications.  

In 2003, W&G was renamed Century Blends, LLC and with over a century of experience to build on, Century Blends, LLC is now poised to continue its tradition of offering quality ingredients to the retail and wholesale food industries.  In 2020, Century Blends, LLC was merged into Byron A. Carlson, Inc. and B.A. Carlson Trading Corp., another family business with a long tradition as ingredient suppliers to food manufacturers and distributors in the Eastern USA.  We look forward to helping your company with your dry blend ingredient needs.


T.H. Angermeier

T.H. Angermeier has been manufacturing flavors for bakery and confectionery use for over 100 years.  Our formulas and finished products have stood the test of time, and are well accepted by bakers who look to Angermeier to provide flavors to enhance their product and baking supplements to simplify and assist in their preparation.



The SUN-RIPE brand has come to symbolize a quality powdered beverage product.

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